Living in a world full of developed economy and fast changes today, ecological environment and the energy attract more and more attention from people. Too much industrial pollution drive our life out of natural protection, exploiting our earth excessively will affect the existing environment of our descendants' seriously. Considering of reduction of the dependence on the geological energy and environment protection, we must select some energy which is more environmentalm saving much more, and meeting the needs of human being.

Solar water heater, developed from the solar energy, wins more and more reputationall over the world, due torenewable, and endless use of the sun. Developing renewable energy cause more and more attention and promotion in many countries and governments. It has been a tide allover the world .

Hand-sun is one of industrialized enterprise, specializes in solar energy technology development , researches ,product production and sales . Our main products are solar water heaters, include non pressurized serie, separate pressurized serie, ,solar system project etc. The company depends upon own fund strength and the domestic well-known energy expert's technical supe-riority, satisfied the different region ,different clients need. when sells in domestic market abunda-ntly, also has developed Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chilie, France, Italy, Mexico, Syria, South africa, Spain, Turkey, Germany, U.K., Uraguy, Uruguay, U.S.A., etc different overseas market one after an-other .Meantime establish business relationship withthem on OEM , supply high quality project design ,thus for headed for the international big market to lay the solid foun-dation.